Mining and Resources Communications has been operating since 1995 as a division of SMART Group Australasia Pty Ltd
and is a communications service company with a broad range of capabilities.
Working on a 3.7m Ku band satellite earth station antenna
Mobilisation & demobilisation of short or long    
term voice and data communications    
systems for offshore drilling rigs    

Communications Technicians trained in    
offshore safety procedures & Helicopter    
Underwater  Escape Training (HUET) certified    

Supply and installation of telephone and    
data cabling including UTP and fibre    
optic in the offshore environment    

Codan HF Mobile and Base Radio Systems    

  Repairs to Codan Mobile HF Antennas    
VHF & UHF Portable and Mobile Radios    

VHF & UHF Repeaters and Base Stations    

VHF Ground to Air Radio Equipment    

4RF Radio Digital Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint
& Microwave Radio Links    

Satellite Communications Systems    

Marine and Land Broadband Systems    

VSat and TVRO solutions    

Non-Directional Beacons for offshore    

   Representing major equipment manufacturers    
SeaTel 4006 installation on Coogee Resources FPSO 'Challis Venture'
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Microwave Links & UHF Repeater Systems
Installation and commissioning of a 500W Non-Directional Beacon at Port Villa, Vanuatu
Remote site communications servicing
400MHz antenna installation on an offshore production platform
Mining and Resources Communications is a communications service company which provides sales, service and installation of a wide range of communications equipment and systems.

With a prime focus on providing communications support to both offshore and onshore mining and resource based companies in Australia our capabilities also allow us to also respond to the communications requirements of other local companies and government organisations.

We represent a solid base of reputable communications equipment manufacturers and service providers in order to provide flexible and customised communications solutions.

Some of our key clients include Quadrant Energy, SANTOS, Diamond Offshore, PTTEP Australasia, Woodside Petroleum, Chevron Australia, Clough, QANTAS Airlines, Virgin Airlines, Rio Tinto Group and Hancock Prospecting.
Fibre-Optic Cables Splicing
Geostationary Communication Systems
VSat & TVRO Systems
Land & Marine NDB Transmitters