Mining and Resources Communications offers Master Antenna Television (MATV) support as a service to our customers.
With the recent change-over to digital television MARCOMM offers professional assistance in system design, implementation and maintenance.
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    With the digital switchover from analogue to digital TV, all locations in Australia will no longer have Free to Air TV operating in their locations unless they have made the switch to digital TV infrastructure.
    More channels will are now available to remote locations and the opportunity exists to plan a coordinated strategy to install one cost effective digital solution. The next generation of MATV & SMATV equipment brings the ability to reduce maintenance and faults to a negligible level.
MARCOMM offers services for both existing installation maintenance and new system commissioning.

With the now standard option of network connectivity in modern TV decoder, modulator & distribution systems, remote technical support via remote logins allows technical or operational issues to be resolved without costly mobilization of personnel to remote sites.